Friday, February 14, 2014

Wrapping it up

As I wrapped up The Godling Chronicles: Madness of the Fallen (Book Five), and began the sixth and final installment, I felt an overwhelming sense of sadness. It's been such an incredible journey; with many ups and downs, victories and defeats, thrills and frustrations. In fact the process itself has been an epic adventure worth a tale or two. The people I've met and the lives I've touched have made every word worthwhile and thinking about waking up and not writing the adventures of Gewey, Kaylia, Lee, and the rest is quite unsettling. Though I have another series already in the works, nothing will compare to The Godling Chronicles - at least in my heart.


  1. when will there be a paperback release of madness of the fallen?

  2. Very soon. I'm working on the interior design.

  3. This series is close to my heart, for the simple fact it got a very withdrawn child to take an interest in books. I also loved the series, and will be sad to see the end to Gewey's, Kaylia's and all the others journeys. Onwards and upwards, Brian D Anderson.