Tuesday, March 3, 2015


I love Alabama. I truly do. I grew up here. I even moved my family across the country so my son would have the advantages I feel my state, and more importantly, my hometown, offers. But when I hear that our State Supreme Court has ordered probate judges to defy the Supreme Court ruling and stop issuing marriage licenses to same sex couples, I'm embarrassed. I'm embarrassed for myself, my friends who live here, and my state as a whole.
Shame on Judge Moore. He will share a place in our hearts beside George Wallace; forever known as a narrow minded bigot incapable of compassion or understanding. His outdated, prejudice views are a blight on my beloved home and casts a ugly shadow on the people who proudly call themselves Alabamians. Moreover it is a stain on the office he holds and the respect it should inspire. His file footage will be shown right along with that angry little Governor barring the way at the University of Alabama. I hope he enjoys his place in history. He's earned it.