Thursday, July 2, 2020

In their infinite wisdom Tor Books has reduced the price of The Bard's Blade E-book to $2.99 for the entire month of July. 

Thursday, April 16, 2020

Fan Fiction Contest

Fan Fiction Contest

Aspiring authors! It’s time to show off those skills. I’m sure you know how difficult it is to get noticed by industry professionals. Well, here’s your chance. Write a short story within the world of The Sorcerer’s Song by Brian D. Anderson, and you might just have your work in the hands of a powerful agent, professional editor, and a bestselling author. Hey! What else do you have to do during the shutdown?

Click HERE for a copy of The Bard's Blade

First Prize: Your work critiqued by Brian D. Anderson and Laurie Mclean (co-founder of Fuse Literary Agency), professionally edited by Dorothy Zemach and published in Grimdark Magazine

Second Prize: Your work read and critiqued by Brian D. Anderson and published on the Fuse Literary website.

Third Prize: The work of your choice up to 5000 words edited by Dorothy Zemach – copy editor for The Bard’s Blade and A Chorus of Fire (Tor Books)

Submission Guidelines
Stories should not exceed 5000 words. There is no minimum word count.
Stories should be written within the world of The Sorcerers Song series.
Entries must be received no later than Aug. 1st 2020 11:59 pm EST.
Winners will be announced Oct. 1st 2020 via email and on social media.
Entrants must send their stories to “fan fiction” in the subject header.
Profanity and sexual content shall be left to the discretion of the author. However, it may affect publication.
All final publication decisions are to be made by Grimdark Magazine or Fuse Literary.
If the authors work is published, Grimdark Magazine or Fuse Literary has exclusive publishing rights for 12 months post publication and may not be republished without express permission. After 12 months Grimdark Magazine retains non-exclusive publication rights.
All pre-existing characters and world are the sole property of Brian D. Anderson. However, new characters remain the property of the author and can be reused outside of the Sorcerer’s Song world.
Entries may be rejected for any reason and are not subject to appeal.
Entries must be submitted in Times New Roman 12 double spaced as a Word Document.

Tuesday, January 28, 2020

The Bard's Blade is Here!

After nearly two years since signing my deal with Tor, The Bard's Blade is here at last! Time to see if your friendly neighborhood indie author is ready for the big leagues. 

Amazon US

Amazon UK

Barnes and Noble


Saturday, January 11, 2020

Bard's Blade Contest

Hey! It's cool contest time. As many of you may know the Jan. 28th release of The Bard's Blade is right around the corner. So I decided to have some fun with it.
The prize? Your name in Book Three (A Sword's Elegy) included as a character. Also, three people will win a review copy of A Chorus of Fire (along with some cool odds and ends). How do I win, you ask? Easy.

Take a picture of a copy of The Bard's Bade in your possession and email it to me (no attachments). I don't care where it's taken - at home, in your car, the roof of your house, or at the local book store. Whatever. So long as it's you and the book together, you're all good.

Contest starts Jan.28th and ends Feb. 29th. So order your copy online or call your local store and be sure they have it ready.
Winner will be chosen March. 2nd