Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Moving Forward

New releases can be, and usually are, extremely stressful. This one in particular gave me fits. But, as with anything else, as time passes and tensions subside, life gets back to normal. The nagging questions...well, they stop nagging you. Feelings of acceptance and inevitability begin to replace anxiety and self-doubt. And now that my mind is more able to focus, I can get back to the business of being me. Unhindered and motivated, I am ready to throw myself into my work. I think I have crossed a threshold and on the other side a new and exciting time awaits.

Of course there is no harm in looking back and appreciating the past. In two years, I have seen more change and growth than I ever thought possible for a man of my age. And that I can still grow is comforting and quells my fears. I look at the good I have done and realize that it far outweighs any missteps or bad decisions. And in my wake, I have left the places I've been far better than when I arrived.

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