Friday, February 10, 2017

Who Cares What I Think?

It’s been asked of me if I have any strong political opinions. Or more to the point, did I support Clinton or Trump? I naturally refused to answer. But I was curious why it was important for this person to know. I discuss politics quite often. But I do so at home and with those close to me. I find it to be a subject best left off Facebook and Blogs. 
The person who had asked was a long-time reader who had thought she had noticed certain political statements hidden within my books. I explained that there is none – or at least none of which I am aware. My job is to entertain, not preach. And though certainly my beliefs might occasionally spill onto the page, it is never intentional.
 Why would anyone care what I think about politics anyway? What qualifies me to tell someone else what they should think or feel? I’m a writer of fiction, not a pundit – though sometimes it seems like the same thing. But the fact remains I have no special qualifications that would make it advisable for me to go running my mouth off about the left or the right wings of our politics.
Don’t misunderstand. I speak out about absolute wrongs. But liberalism and conservatism are not absolutes. They are complex philosophies that take on many shades of grey and often overlap. And though I do have my own views, I would guess that my readers do too. I’m sure you have enough to think about without being subjected to mine.

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