Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Back in the Saddle

After weeks of struggling I've finally found my stride. For a time I was starting to panic. I just couldn't work out what I should do about Dragonvein - Book Three. I had the middle and ending rattling around in my head, but the beginning...nothing clicked. I must have deleted more than 50,000 words. Not that it was a great loss. What I had written was military grade garbage. The world is better off without reading it, let me assure you.

Of course, now that I'm back in the saddle, I find myself in a situation where I have very little time to complete a whole lot of work. I've made promises to my fans which I intend to keep. Not to mention my agent is expecting a new book to shop to the publishers before the new year. So what I would normally allow six months to complete, I now have just a bit more than half that amount of time.

For those of you who have written a novel, or even made the attempt, you will understand what a massive undertaking this is. I need to produce close to 200,000 words worth of material. And just any old words will not do. If it was simply about a word count my life would be a breeze. No. They have to be good words. Words that make sense. Words that my readers will enjoy. This is not as easy to do as some might think. There are days when it seems everything I write sucks (though there are some who would say that is always the case with me). A few weeks ago, that would be all right. I could afford a day or two of non-production. Not anymore.

But never fear. I will soldier on. And I will live up to the obligation I have to my readers - and to my agent. But afterward don't be shocked and amazed if I disappear for a few weeks. I'd like to say to a beach somewhere. But in truth, I'll likely need a psychiatric ward to get my head back together.


  1. Can't wait for book 3 in Dragonvein.

  2. I love dragons, magic, mages and witches. Have been reading about them for 45 years. I enjoyed the first two books in the Dragonvein series. Take your time; I'll wait for the third. Thank you for writing them.

  3. If you don't take those breaks without stressing when the Muse decides to take one without you you will go bonkers and the book will never get finished! We can't be totally productive 24/7. To use an old cliche, better late (and good!) than never! I am a retired middle school teacher and commented on the language and sexual content in Book 2, as well, but I also noted that it is not excessive nor explicit. If you keep it at that level it isn't too much for say PG or age 11 or 12 with most kids. I do want to comment on finding one of my pet peeves several times...never, ever "a myriad of"!!! The of is inherent in the definition of myriad. It should be "myriad sparkling colors", "myriad species in the crowd", etc. Check it out in Funk and White. Myriad means "a large number of something" by definition. Found myriad of several times in the Kindle edition of Book 2. It's redundant and grates on my literary nerves! However, I too am anxiously awaiting Book 3. Regards, Gayle