Monday, January 9, 2017

Dragonvein - Book Five! It's Here

Huzzah's are in order! Dragonvein - Book Five is finally available for kindle. Thank you for following this story that has been such a distinct pleasure to write. I hope it has been as much of a blast for you as it has been for me.                  
 And don't worry. Paperbacks and Audio versions will be forthcoming. 

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  1. Do you have an idea of when the audible version will be available?

    1. It shouldn't be long. At least I hope not. Audible Studios determines release dates. I don't know until just before it comes up from pre-order. I'm sorry I can't say more. But I'm as in the dark right now as everyone else.

  2. Congratulations on Godling Chronicles and the Dragonvein series. I have loved listening to them. Derek Perkins is a great reader and he brought your stories to life. While I sense some commonalities between the two worlds, I enjoyed them immensely. You are a masterful writer: building the worlds, setting the stage, growing the characters, providing great cliffhangers, and showing the value of honor, loyalty, friendship and the power of love. I'm waiting with baited breath for book 5 of Dragonvein having just finished book 4. Hope is bleak and the temptation to take the easy road out by fleeing is alluring. Will you bring out more of Shinzan's origin story?

    1. Thank you for your kind words. I am thrilled you have enjoyed my work. It means a lot to me. To answer your question: Yes. You will learn the origin of Shinzan in Book Five, as well as his motivations.
      Once you have finished Dragonvein, I hope you decide to give Akiri a go. I’m extremely proud of it. In fact, I think it’s my best work.
      Thanks again.

      Warmest Regards,
      Brian D. Anderson